"Truth-telling, even with the aid of poetic license, is cathartic, and healing, BATTY BWOY captures and unleashes much of the pent-up raw complexity associated with growing up gay in Jamaica, and the Diaspora. There were many touching and familiar portraits of friends, as well as my own life-experiences, that made me consume the passionate telling of Mark's story. I rejoiced with his growing self-awareness, and groaned at the seemingly inevitable mishaps from an unshepherded sexual awakening."  

MAURICE TOMLINSON, Jamaican LGBTI activist and attorney.

Max-Arthur Mantle is a Jamaican-born author, photographer and self-taught abstract painter. He studied journalism and photography at Howard University and served in the US military (Navy). His photo books BEACH BOYS (Bruno Gmunder Verlag GmbH) and BOYS OF SUMMER (AM Books) were published  in 2012 and 2015 respectively. His debut novel BATTY BWOY is the first in a trilogy. 

Max-Arthur Mantle

"Although the protagonist is a gay black Jamaican, the story's themes the message is  identifiable by the LGBTQIA community and otherwise regardless of their class, color, creed and other demographic factors. The universal message is a story for anyone, young or young at heart,  who ever felt different and in search of self and love."


"BATTY BWOY is destined to take a place beside B-BOY BLUES and INVISIBLE LIFE as a seminal black gay novel. A coming of age novel written with flavor and audacity, BATTY BWOY ushers readers into an environment where the fluidity of identity - sexual, racial, national - propels its main character through his many adventures."

JARRETT NEAL, contributor to FOR COLORED BOYS ...  (Edited by Keith Boykin) and the of author of What Color is Your Hoodie? : Essays on Black Gay Identity