The debut novel by Max-Arthur Mantle


"Not in my cabinet."

"Boom bye bye inna batty bwoy head!"

"Our life is in jeopardy."

"Man run wi down. Police beat wi wid baton. Jump fence, dwag bite wi."

"You dirty and nasty."

"No one cares about you."

"We must be tolerant of gays."

"Dem treat us like we are animals."

"I am the effeminate unisex  type."

"I want to be liberated."

"I am a homosexual and I am proud to be a homosexual."

"Shi jus coming from jail."

"Mi naw lie, mi can't tek it  no more."

"Wi parents and family don't think about us."

"I use to play netball."

"Burn him up bad like an old tire wheel."

"From yuh gay, dem no waan rent yuh dem place."

"I don't need a woman beside me, only a man can turn me on de right way."

"This is how I wanted to be  for my whole life."

"Guy come near we then  him skin must peel."

"Leviticus said they shall surely be put  to death."

"Me waan leave Jamaica so me can live me life free."

"It is an abomination."

"We haffi run from de gunman dem."

"I'm on the street right now because of my lifestyle. my father don't like it."

"For dem a spare inna chi chi man car. Get fire mek wi bun dem."

"I just want respect, acceptance and tolerance."