"Truth-telling, even with the aid of poetic license, is cathartic, and healing, BATTY BWOY captures and unleashes much of the pent-up raw complexity associated with growing up gay in Jamaica, and the Diaspora. There were many touching and familiar portraits of friends, as well as my own life-experiences, that made me consume the passionate telling of Mark's story. I rejoiced with his growing self-awareness, and groaned at the seemingly inevitable mishaps from an unshepherded sexual awakening."  

MAURICE TOMLINSON, Jamaican LGBTI activist and attorney.

Max-Arthur Mantle

"BATTY BWOY is destined to take a place beside B-BOY BLUES and INVISIBLE LIFE as a seminal black gay novel. A coming of age novel written with flavor and audacity, BATTY BWOY ushers readers into an environment where the fluidity of identity - sexual, racial, national - propels its main character through his many adventures."

                   JARRETT NEAL, contributor to FOR COLORED BOYS ...  (Edited by Keith Boykin), and the of author of What Color is Your Hoodie? : Essays on Black Gay Identity


Max-Arthur Mantle is a Jamaican-born author, photographer and self-taught abstract painter. He studied journalism and photography at Howard University and served in the US military (Navy). BATTY BWOY is the first in a trilogy.