Max-Arthur Mantle

"Although the protagonist is a gay black Jamaican, the story's themes can be identifiable by all LGBTI people and otherwise regardless of their class, color, creed and other demographic factors. It has a universal message for anyone, young or young at heart,  who ever felt different and in search of self and love."


"BATTY BWOY is destined to take a place beside B-BOY BLUES and INVISIBLE LIFE as a seminal black gay novel. A coming of age novel written with flavor and audacity, BATTY BWOY ushers readers into an environment where the fluidity of identity - sexual, racial, national - propels its main character through his many adventures."

JARRETT NEAL, author of What Color is Your Hoodie? : Essays on Black Gay Identity


"If you read only one gay fiction novel this summer, make it BATTY BWOY."